GA 400 Toll Ends November 22

Last year, Governor Deal announced an end to the Georgia 400 toll. I’m proud to see our Governor keep a promise to North Fulton and North DeKalb taxpayers that was made more than two decades ago.

The toll will be collected for the last time during the evening rush hour on Friday, November 22, and will end shortly after that time. There are less than two weeks remaining.

The dismantling of the toll plaza is already underway. I am pleased to share the following e-mail from Dan Moody, the member of the State Transportation Board who represents the 6th Congressional District, explaining how the removal of the toll plaza will unfold:

The State Road and Tollway Authority and the Georgia Department of Transportation announced that the first phase of a four-phase demolition project will begin on Friday, October 25, 2013, with restriping in the Peach Pass electronic toll lanes and modification/removal of redundant signage. Portable message signs will be placed in the corridor to alert motorists of the upcoming pre-construction activities for the ending of tolls on GA 400 the week before Thanksgiving, weather permitting.

Phase I of the project will include the restriping in the electronic Peach Pass lanes and the start of the removal or modification of toll-related signage from areas approaching the GA 400 Toll Plaza within the next two to three weeks. Nearly 70 signs will be removed or modified before and after toll collection ends.

In Phase II, preparation for no tolling continues with the completion of restriping and the installation of concrete barriers between the Peach Pass and cash lanes in anticipation of the eventual shifting of traffic into the electronic lanes when toll collection ends. Once tolls end and traffic is shifted in Phase III, no heavy demolition work is expected to take place during the winter holidays. Phase IV will begin in January 2014 and will include removal of plaza toll booths, the canopy as well as reinforcement and filling of the tunnel stairwells. The demolition project will be completed in the fall of 2014.

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