July 31 Election Primer

Tuesday, July 31, is Election Day. Your usual polling place will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Please remember to vote!

Click these links to see the DeKalb County Republican, Democratic and nonpartisan sample ballots.

Click these links to see the Fulton County Republican, Democratic and nonpartisan sample ballots.

You can also click here to retrieve a sample ballot that is specific to your polling location.

The City of Brookhaven referendum is the very last item on your DeKalb County ballot. You will need to be sure to vote all the way to the end in order to vote on this issue.

The T-SPLOST sales tax referendum is also on the ballot. Click here to review the transportation project list that is associated with this issue.

Each political party has a handful of nonbinding “straw poll” questions on the ballot as well.

I would like to give a favorable mention to the following candidates: Chuck Eaton for Public Service Commissioner, Elaine Boyer for DeKalb County Commission District 1, Pam Speaks for DeKalb County Board of Education District 8, Judge Todd Markle for Fulton County Superior Court and Judge Dax Lopez for DeKalb County State Court.

And I would discourage voting for Michael Rothenberg for DeKalb County Superior Court. He has been indicted for felony theft (click for article).

See you at the polls!

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