City Limits for Brookhaven Proposal

There have been concerns about the proposed boundaries of the City of Brookhaven almost completely surrounding the existing City of Chamblee.  To alleviate these concerns, the final city boundaries that will be proposed in the city charter will exclude the southern half of PDK Airport.  The northern half of PDK Airport is already in the City of Chamblee.

Click here to view the final city limits in a PDF document.  After clicking the link, you may need to click “refresh” in your web browser for the map to appear on your screen.

DeKalb County officials have convinced me that there is no real benefit to having PDK in the city limits.  The county and the FAA control the airport.  The City of Brookhaven would exercise no control over it.

Commercial properties located directly across Clairmont Road from the Ashford Park and Drew Valley neighborhoods are proposed to remain within the city limits.

The exclusion of the airport has a negligible impact on the viability of the proposed city.

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