Ashford Dunwoody Meeting & False Rumor

There will be a town hall meeting about possible improvements to Ashford Dunwoody Road on Tuesday, September 20, at 7:00 p.m. at Montgomery Elementary School, 3995 Ashford Dunwoody Road.

Members of the Montgomery Elementary PTA are helping to organize this meeting. Representatives from the Georgia Department of Transportation and DeKalb County Infrastructure Department will be on hand to answer your questions.

In addition, I feel compelled to address the following e-mail that was sent by a community group shortly after midnight:

“We are holding an emergency meeting to discuss the Ashford Dunwoody Rd Corridor and the potential issues that are arising. The roundabout at JFR & ADR was discussed as a done deal at a recent Cambridge Park CA meeting. The neighborhoods have not had any input on the matter and we certainly don’t want the project to appear as approved without discussion.”

I’ve never before asked the community to pay no mind to a meeting organized by a community group, but it’s important for the community to know that this alarmist e-mail is false.

I talked earlier today with DeKalb County’s Deputy COO for Infrastructure, Ted Rhinehart, and have confirmed that there is no plan to build a roundabout at Ashford Dunwoody and Johnson Ferry Roads. I have heard one or more citizens within the community suggest such an idea (it was merely a suggestion), but there is not a plan from any government entity to build such a project. Furthermore, I was at the Cambridge Park homeowners meeting and can confirm that a roundabout was not discussed there.

Please spread the word. I want to ensure that citizens do not get worked up about a false rumor. I look forward to seeing you at the Ashford Dunwoody meeting on Tuesday, September 20.

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