Negative Messages from Mike’s Opponent

I’m proud of the positive campaign we’ve run this year. That hasn’t been the case from my opponent.

Earlier today, my opponent e-mailed out this whopper:

“Let’s not forget Jacobs told the community he was with them during the negotiations about the Sembler development on Peachtree Rd. Know what he did after? He took a donation from Sembler. Would you want a State Representative like that at the State Capitol?”

I have never, ever, ever taken a campaign contribution from Sembler. Please feel free to review my campaign contribution disclosure reports on the State Ethics Commission’s website at You won’t find a donation from Sembler.

My opponent sent another e-mail last week that said this:

“Mike Jacobs voted to raise your Georgia Power bill starting in January and for the next 10 years.”

The legislation my opponent is referencing is Senate Bill 31, the bill that allows Georgia Power to charge ratepayers in advance for the construction of nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle. I voted against this bill, not in favor of it. Please click here to see my “no” vote for yourself.

If someone is willing to lie about these minor points, how can we trust them on anything?

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