Rep. Jacobs to Serve on Transportation Roundtable

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this report (click to read) regarding transportation issues. Among the things I discussed is the referendum that will occur in 2012 for a one-cent transportation sales tax. You’ll get to vote on it and make the final decision.

Before you decide, there will be a list of transportation projects made public that will be funded if the transportation sales tax passes. The project list for the Metro Atlanta region will be selected by a roundtable of local government leaders from throughout the region. Each county gets two representatives: the elected head of the county government (for DeKalb County, it’s CEO Burrell Ellis) and a mayor selected from among the mayors of the cities located in the county.

The roundtable also includes two State Representatives and one State Senator selected from the region as a whole. I’m pleased to announce that I have been selected by the Chairman of the House Transportation Committee, Jay Roberts, and by Speaker David Ralston, to serve as one of the two State Representatives from the Metro Atlanta region. The other State Representative who will serve on the roundtable is Sean Jerguson of Cherokee County.

This is great news for DeKalb County, which will have an additional representative on the roundtable, and great news for our community. I intend to communicate with you on a regular basis and solicit your input as the roundtable begins its meetings.

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