Kudos to the Commissioners

In case you missed it, the DeKalb County Commission axed the CEO’s proposal for a property tax hike in the county budget they passed on Tuesday, February 23. The budget was adopted by a unanimous 7-0 vote. Click here to read an AJC story about it.

The commissioners managed to fund most areas of public safety and the courts at 2009 levels. In this economy, that isn’t too shabby.

In order to ensure that a millage rate increase is avoided (the county millage rate is set in June), approximately 550 county employees will have to take early retirement. Early retirement is less expensive for the county than paying out unemployment claims, which is why they aren’t doing layoffs, at least not at this point.

If I may editorialize for a moment: It is troubling that CEO Ellis is willing to propose a property tax hike without batting an eyelash. Fortunately, the county commission did the hard work of trimming the budget to the point that raising property taxes might not be necessary. If all goes as planned, good work!

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